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All POM shawls start at the drawing table in Amsterdam and eventually the designs will find their way to your printed shawl.

A chat with founding sisters Liesbeth & Violet about all things design, inspiration and the new POM Collection.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Violet: Inspiration always comes from everything around us. This can be a sunrise, beautiful blue skies, strolling through the city, quirky stores or on our way biking home. We also get inspiration from traveling, visiting new places with different cultures. And even the craftwork from our kids who can work with bright colours and daring combinations only kids can come up with.

How do you start a collection?

Liesbeth: We always start by making colour mood boards. Colours are most important, we are truly colour addicts here at POM. After that we decide on themes we want to work with and create various ‘worlds’.



Which shawl did you enjoy designing most?

Violet: The print Desert World. I like a pattern where I can build up a story, where a lot of things happen with some hidden elements as well. I painted the different subjects with ecoline which gives it its fine colours.

What materials do you work with?

Liesbeth: We work with woven and printed shawls on materials like cotton, cupro and viscose. Cupro is a great quality that breathes like cotton but feels like silk. It’s made from the leftover seeds of the

cotton plant, so it’s a fair product as well. Also, this season we have introduced two new qualities: linen and 100% silk.

Violet: Our new silk collection is a world of its own, with printed silk carré’s, bows and keyrings.
I looooved to design the gift boxes that come with the carré’s and bows. It’s really a gift that makes you smile.

What defines a POM?

Liesbeth: I think first and foremost it’s the designs, they are truly one of a kind.The strong contrasts and bright colours in a shawl and the finishing trimming is what defines a POM. Our shawls can be recognised by the

watermark, woven in or printed on the fabric.

Which places around the world inspire you?

Violet: Marrakech. I was there last year with a group of friends for a long weekend. It’s an exhilarating city filled with old heritage, but it also has a trendy and hip aspect to it. It really felt like Arabian Nights.

Liesbeth: Maastricht. A beautiful city in the south of the Netherlands and the location for our campaign shoot.The city really has a holiday feel to it with its little cobblestone streets, beautiful parks and the river flowing through the city. Also, the people are incredibly charming and friendly.

What is your own favourite item this season?

Violet: The Double Indian Tiger Bronze. For the first time we combined jacquard with printed cupro. Very cool!

Liesbeth: The Jacket Drops with the matching Tribal Masks Lime. I love the easiness of the Jacket with the bright contrast of the shawl.

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